Thursday, August 30, 2007

ZIX Corp (ZIXI) Announces Contract with United HealthCare (UNH)

Cudos to UnitedHealthCare for paying a transaction fee for each prescription.
Eventually, a portion of the money saved via ePrescribing through increased formulary compliance, decreased drug interactions and improved medication choices will need to trickle to front line providers of care. SV

Zix Corporation is announcing that it has signed a contract with United HealthCare (NYSE: UNH) for an e-prescribing program with the Company's PocketScript® e-prescribing service, including new prescriber sponsorships and a nationwide script fee. The new sponsorship will consist of 100 new prescribers, to be split between Florida and Ohio to evaluate the impact of e-prescribing in the first phase of this e-prescribing program.

The script fee component will enable the full functionality and decision support of the Company's e-prescribing service to all of its between 3,100 to 3,200 existing active prescribers and any new doctors deployed in the future whenever they see a member of a United insured health plan. The $1.50 script fee would be paid for all qualified scripts for United's members written by any PocketScript user, with a portion of the fee to go towards sponsoring additional new prescribers.

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