Friday, August 24, 2007

CCHIT 2007 Certified Ambulatory EHRs

Well folks, remember that long list of 2006 products?
The current list for 2007 is significantly shorter.
The bar got raised a little higher, as it will each year.

Among the new criteria:
true eRx, not just faxing of labs
receipt of lab results electronically. SV

2007 Ambulatory EHR Certified Products

Community Computer Service (MEDENT 17) 7/11/2007

eClinicalWorks, LCC (eClinicalWorks 7.6.15) 8/10/2007

e-MDs, Inc. (e-MDs Solution Series 6.1.2) 7/18/2007

Greenway Medical Technologies (PrimeSuite 2007 R2) 6/22/2007

McKesson Provider Technologies (Practice Partner 9.2.1) 7/17/2007

NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, Inc. (NextGen EMR 5.4.29) 6/25/2007

Purkinje (CareSeries EHR 2.0) 7/27/2007


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