Saturday, August 18, 2007

Corsair’s Flash Padlock USB

How this for security?
Now if they could just add a keychain loop. SV

Corsair’s Flash Padlock gives users the confidence of having a hardware-secured lock to protect their data on an USB drive. Featuring auto-lock hardware security, Flash Padlock is the best way to secure your data while on the go. This prevents any unauthorized access or “Brute Force” attack to the data on Flash Padlock. Users can program in a PIN, much like they do for an ATM machine, to lock/unlock their data. An easy to use keypad in conjunction with lock/unlock indicator lights makes the Flash Padlock highly intuitive to use. Lastly, the Flash Padlock is fully plug-and-play, and requires no software or drivers to work properly.
Auto-Locking – Self locking after removal from computer
Customizable PIN – Set your own PIN and make it easy to remember
Easy to Use – Direct keypad access and indicator lights make locking/unlocking simple
Plug and Play – Hardware based security works without installing or running software
Platform independent – Works on Windows, MAC and Linux platforms without the use of software

Flash Padlock 1GB ~ $29.99 USD MSRP
Flash Padlock 2GB ~ $39.99 USD MSRP


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