Wednesday, March 21, 2012

PDR PharmEHR Summit 12 update 5


EHR Patient Connectivity

Ed Fotch MD, Moderator
Jodi Daniel JD, MPH, Director, ONC
Stephen Malik

Stephen Malik, President and General Manager of Intuit Health

DIspels myth of which demographics are using online access
Patients are using almost all the features: appts, medication refills, etc
Reviewed criteria for using a portal: trustworhthy, convenient, intuitive, supported
Reviewed busines outcomes
Reviewed practice benefits
Future trends: consolidation, mobility, MU 2

Jodi Daniel JD, MPH, Director, ONC

Notes the tide is shifting: from provider to consumer centered care
AMA code of ethics 1847 compared to today: passive vs active

Consumer engadgement improves health improvemen: patiens greatest untapped resource, leads to better care
Reviewed how HIT supports this
Showed how patients are using technology: moving story about ePatient Dave: cancer survivor
20% of patients are using mobile technology to manage health
80% use the Internet
66% of consumers would consider switching to a provider that offers online access to records

What is ONC doing? Promoting and supporting: access, action, attitude
Launch of consumer eHealth program
Access: promoting Blue Button and Direct Project, RECs,
Acton: PHRs etc
Attitudes: consumer video challenge, telling their own stories

Future goals: looking at social media, gaming

Role of providers in consumer engagement

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