Wednesday, March 21, 2012

PDR PharmEHR Summit 12 update 4


Adverse Event Reporting, Panel Discussion

Dr Steven Merahn, CMO, PDR Moderator comments

The real safety of drugs is made known after it has been distributed to a large population
Reviewed resons for underreporting by clinicians
Imbeding RxEvent reporting within the EHR and the physican workflow

Evan Grossman, AthenaHealth
Brian O'Neil, Office Allie
Chuck Frederick, Rph, eMDs

Evan Grossman, AthenaHealth

Reviewed patient safety issues: prevention, incident response, feedback, industry relations
Reviewed softrware adverse event severity ratings; 1a to 3c

Brian O'Neil, Office Allie

Offers EHR, PMS, EDI solutions: EHR $30 per month
Messaging improved HEDIS results: goal is to go to MCOs to increase physician reimbursement
Offers integration with home monitoring device
Offers reimbursed evisits with some health plans

Chuck Frederick, Rph, eMDs

Integrated EHR/PMS, physician owned and operated
Reviewed internal EHR patient ssfety monitoring
Feels that beter use of EHRs will reduce severe adverse events by better identifying populations at greater risk
Will be working with RxEvent Reporting

Great suggestion: have adverse drug event reporting count towards Meaningful Use 2

If you attended, please share your comments here. SV

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