Tuesday, June 03, 2008

ONCHIT releases strategic HIT plan for 2008 to 2012

EHRs and PHRs are felt to be the key tools help the plan succeed.
While many states have raised significant sums to help this succeed, the Federal government has not done so to the same degree. The Patient Centered Medical Home and other similar initiatives will be need by the Public and Private sector to help accelerate the process. SV


The Plan has two goals, Patient-focused Health Care and Population Health, which are defined as follows:

Patient-focused Health Care
: Enable the transformation to higher quality, more cost-efficient, patient-focused health care through electronic health information access and use by care providers, and by patients and their designees.

Population Health
: Enable the appropriate, authorized, and timely access and use of electronic health information to benefit public health, biomedical research, quality improvement, and emergency preparedness.

Each goal has four objectives and the themes of privacy and security, interoperability, adoption, and collaborative governance recur across the goals, but they apply in very different ways to health care and population health.


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