Sunday, May 25, 2008

Google Health is now ready for primetime

Google Health has agreements in place with quite a few partners to exchange data (with the patient's permission) forward/receive records from healthcare providers, request second opinions and perform online office visits.

Please note the following caveats: neither Google Health nor Microsoft's Healthvault are covered by the current HIPAA regulations. Also, the same username and password that grants you access to Google Mail grants you access to Google Health. In exchange for losing some of the convenience of single login, I would recommend at least nested passwords and and preferably nested user names and passwords.

Translation: to access Google Health after the general login, one would need an extra user name and password. This would decrease the likelihood of someone getting into your Health account.

Another interesting feature to add would be the ability to lock out subsections of the record for viewing or selective transfer of the information. I do think, however, that the recipient would need to be notified that information is being withheld. SV

Beth Isreal Deaconess Medical Center
Cleveland Clinic MyChart
Longs Drug Stores
MinuteClinic from CVS Caremark
Quest Diagnostics
Walgreens Pharmacy


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