Tuesday, January 31, 2012

EHRs: The New Drug Safety, Liability and Efficacy Battleground at HIMSS12

This a great topic with two great presenters. sv

Tuesday, February 21, 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM

The rapid adoption of EHRs by U.S. providers creates a new and powerful platform to improve patient safety, professional liability protection, drug efficacy and regulatory compliance.

Speaker Information:
Edward Fotsch, MD
Chief Executive Officer, PDR Network

David Troxel, MD
Medical Director, The Doctors Company


•Discuss how changes to provider workflow from EHR adoption create opportunities to deliver drug safety, regulatory and support services at the point of care
•Identify how FDA-drug information delivered via EHRs can improve patient safety and decrease professional liability
•Analyze how drug support services integrated into EHRs can improve drug efficacy and reduce drug costs for patients
•Explain how Adverse Drug Event reporting integrated into EHRs enhances provider convenience, resulting in improved event report quality and quantity, and thereby advancing drug safety
•Recognize the current status and likely future of adverse EHR event reporting, including the FDA's position related to EHR monitoring and regulations

Venetian Sands Expo Convention Center

Marco Polo 803


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