Thursday, August 06, 2009

State Guide for HITECH

Preparing to Implement HITECH: A State Guide for Electronic Health Information Exchange is now available. It provides a fine overview for states that have not initiated HIT plans or for states that want to bring there plans in better alignment with the Federal view. SV

NGA 2009 Report from the State Alliance for e-Health Report

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Marshall Maglothin said...

Outstanding, timely and informative information!

The HITECH Grants will produce the most profound advancement in health information, and I believe in ultimately the delivery of personal health care, in mankind's history. This platform will move us from a fragmented electronic structure for financial transactions to the breath-taking new vista of disease prevention and management.

I encourage all of your HIT readers to be aggressive and involved participants in networking to energize this transformation with the regional organizations which will burst forth in the next 18 months.