Thursday, August 20, 2009

Biden announces $1.2 Billion Grants to assist hosptials and physicians implement EHRs in 2010

The regional health extension centers could help fast track practices that have not yet implemented EHRs so as to qualify for the 2011 ARRA grants. SV

The grants made available today include:

* Grants totaling $598 million to establish approximately 70 Health Information Technology Regional Extension Centers, which will provide hospitals and clinicians with hands-on technical assistance in the selection, acquisition, implementation, and meaningful use of certified electronic health record systems.
* Grants totaling $564 million to States and Qualified State Designated Entities (SDEs) to support the development of mechanisms for information sharing within an emerging nationwide system of networks.

The Extension Center grants will be awarded on a rolling basis, with the first awards being issued in fiscal year 2010. Grants to States will be made in fiscal year 2010. Those interested in applying for these grants may visit for more information.

Health Information Technology Extension Program

State Health Information Exchange Cooperative Programb

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