Saturday, February 02, 2008

UnitedHealth Group's Online Personal Health Messages Tied to Increased Likelihood of Individuals

Email reminders via a Patient or Physician Portal are an excellent way to remind patients to avail themselves of preventative medicine services. SV

For example, women who opened their messages were 68-percent more likely to get a mammogram and 63-percent more likely to get a cervical cancer screening. The study compares CDH plan participants who accessed their online health messages throughout 2006 with those who were sent messages but did not open them.

Also, enrollees approaching their 50th birthday received a special message reminding them of a series of recommended preventive tests for their age group. Data show that members who opened this message were:

82-percent more likely to get a cervical cancer screening;
31-percent more likely to get a cholesterol screening;
71-percent more likely to have an office visit in which their blood pressure is checked.


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