Saturday, June 23, 2007

Web-based Electronic Medication Management Assistant has just been approved by the FDA

Depending on the price of the unit, software and possible interfaces with EHRs/PHRs, this could be a major boon for the management of medications at home of patients. SV

The EMMA™ Delivery Unit
The Electronic Medication Management Assistant (EMMA™) is a tool for enhancing the practice of Evidence Based Medicine in a home setting.

The EMMA delivery unit is placed in the patient's home, and it communicates wirelessly to the patient's electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR™) to get the latest dosing schedule for the patient.

The EMMA delivery unit manages everything for the patient from there. This unique medical device holds up to 10 prescriptions, totaling 300 individual doses of medication. If a patient requires more than 10 prescriptions, auxiliary units may be daisy chained together to form a single unit.

The EMMA delivery unit consists of four key components:

Easy loading. The EMMA delivery unit accepts a 6 x 9 Blister Card much like a CD is inserted into a Multi-CD Disk Player. Simply touch the load button on the touch screen monitor and the EMMA delivery unit opens its door. Then slip the Blister Card into the opening and the EMMA delivery unit grabs it, reads the bar code, counts the doses in the card, and verifies that it is the correct prescription for the patient.

Complete Medication Management. The EMMA delivery unit manages all of the patients medications, including:

Standard Prescriptions
Titration of Medications
Custom Dosing Algorithms (such as with Warfarin therapy)
Reminders for OTC Medications (such as low dose aspirin)
Information Messages (such as the patient is taking a multiple vitamin).

Senior Friendly. The EMMA delivery unit is extremely easy to use. Its wireless communications makes it a plug-and-play device, requiring only a standard power outlet to operate.

Its large color touch screen makes it very simple for even the non-computer savvy person. INRange designed the EMMA delivery unit so that a patient can learn to use it in a matter of minutes. Its intuitive graphical user interface guides the patient through the process.

Feature Rich. The EMMA delivery unit is equipped with many features to enable the patient to live a more active life including the ability to receive a future medication delivery in case the patient wants to go out for dinner or will not be home for lunch. The EMMA delivery unit vacation function allows patients to sort and organize their medications.

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