Monday, June 04, 2007

TEPR 2007 Awards Winners Dallas Texas

Many of you who attend TEPR may have missed the judging sessions.
The presenters did an excellent job of providing informative reviews of their products. Also available on these days were fine presentations on EHRs, RHIOs and Continuity of Care. Absent this year and hopefully scheduled for return was the TEPR EMR award.
I felt the Personal Health Records products raised as many questions as they answered.
Let us know what other categories you would like to see at TEPR.
If you attend TEPR, share your experiences. SV

The TEPR Awards 2007 selection process had two parts. Part 1 took place over the course of the past month when a panel of independent judges reviewed by the TEPR Awards Applications, scored each entry and selected the top three finalists for each category.

Part 2 took place on Saturday, May 19 and Sunday, May 20 when the finalists presented/demonstrated their solutions to the panel of judges. First, Second and Third Honors were then determined in each category. The TEPR Award honorees were officially recognized and announced at the TEPR 2007 Opening Session. (Note: Continuity of Care Awards for Implementors were determined by the Part 1 process only.)

The Medical Records Institute's TEPR Awards 2007 recognizes outstanding healthcare information system solutions in the following categories:

Document Imaging in Healthcare

1st Honors: Medical Communication Systems, Inc.
2nd Honors: BlueWare, Inc.
3rd Honors: e-MedRec by Holt Systems

Mobile Applications for Healthcare

1st Honors: PatientKeeper
2nd Honors: Medical Communication Systems, Inc.
3rd Honors: e-MDs, Inc.

Standalone e-Prescribing Systems

1st Honors: Purkinje
2nd Honors: Misys Healthcare
3rd Honors: Allscripts

Personal Health Records

1st Honors: CapMed
2nd Honors: Waiting Room Solutions
3rd Honors: Medical Communication Systems, Inc.

Hot Products in HIT

1st Honors: Phytel, Inc.
2nd Honors: Sage Software

Pediatric Awards

1st Honors: (TIE) Bond & Medical Communication Systems, Inc.
2nd Honors: e-MDs
3rd Honors: (TIE) Office Practicum & Practice Partner

Continuity of Care Awards for Vendors
1st Honors: (TIE) Medical Communications Systems, Inc. & e-MDs, Inc.
2nd Honors: Solventus
3rd Honors: Allscripts

Continuity of Care Awards for Implementors
1st Honors: New Orleans Health Department
2nd Honors: Pediatric Health Care at Newton Wellesley, MA
3rd Honors: (TIE) Northern Illinois Physicians for Connectivity &
Yuil Medical Center, Lawrence, MA

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