Sunday, April 15, 2007

State of Washington promotes the use of Electronic Health Records

The measure was approved 61-34. House Health Care and Wellness Committee Chairwoman Rep. Eileen Cody, D-Seattle, said she expects the Senate to sign off on the changes, with the bill then going to the governor.

Gov. Christine Gregoire's health-care adviser, Christina Hulet, said the governor is on board with the House version of the bill.

The measure is based on the 16 recommendations made by the governor's Blue Ribbon Commission on Health Care Costs and Access.

Among other things, the measure would encourage care that has been proved to work, start health-promotion programs for state employees, and allow online access to the University of Washington Health Science Library.

It also encourages the use of electronic medical records, which supporters say will improve safety and lower costs, while promoting better care of patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes.

The Seattle Times

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