Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Access to patients' medication history with browsers and EHRs using ICERx and SureScripts during disasters

This will be an amazing resource and is just the first of many steps to improving the nation's safety net using Information Technology.SV

As a physician, you have a critical need to be able to access evacuees medication histories to provide continuity of care in the event of a disaster. ICERx, a secure web site operated by private organizations and made possible with the assistance of federal, state, and local governments, provides you with a secure portal to obtain this information.

* Evacuee outpatient prescription history
* drug name and dosage
* quantity and day supply
* name of pharmacy that filled the script
* name of provider who wrote the script
* Available patient clinical alerts
* drug interaction alerts
* therapeutic duplication alerts
* elderly alerts
* Clinical Pharmacology® drug reference information
* drug monographs
* interaction reports
* drug identifier tool

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