Saturday, March 10, 2007

Windows Daylight Time Adjustment Fix

For those of you with Windows XP who haven't already done so, it is probably a good idea to turn on Automatic Updates. This is Microsoft's way of getting updates to your computer without you having to search for them in the future,such as bug fixes etc.

To activate Automatic Updates, go to the Start icon on the lower left then click on Help and Support.
In the search window enter Automatic Updates, then choose update your system files using Windows Update.
Follow the directions from there.
For those of you who had already turned on Windows XP with Automatic Updates, you may get an "error" message indicating that the Daylight Savings time "fix" is already installed when you attempt to manually load the Daylight Savings Time program.

To see which version of Windows XP you have, go to the Start button.
Click on My Computers.
On the upper left hand side you'll see View System Information, click on this.

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