Tuesday, March 20, 2007

PracticeFusion provides EHRs at no cost

Physicians are given the choice of either using Google advertising to finance the service or paying $250.00 per month. Both options are available as an "on demand" or ASP service.

This means PracticeFusion is responsible for software upgrades and keeping the system "live". The only real responsibility of the physician is to have at least one Business Class broadband connection with a SLA (service level aggreement).
I have usually advised having two such connections in the office to since the workflow could be potentially be handcapped otherwise. The average cost of a single connection in my community has run $350.00 per month.

Most of the articles about PracticeFusion have focused on the unique business model, I have not seen any review on response time using non-Business Class DSL, CABLE or FIOS.

I'll submit a review of the EHR when a hands-on opportunity arises. SV


SanFranciso Chronicle

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