Saturday, August 26, 2006

RxHub Receives Reports of ePrescribing Successes from Physicians Nationwide
Over 6 Million Patient Medication Histories Delivered

Patient Safety Improved

Electronic prescribing improves patient care and safety as evidenced by a recent highly publicized drug recall. Upon receiving notice about an immediate drug recall, Dr. Salvatore Volpe, a physician practicing in Staten Island, N.Y. used his e-prescribing application, PocketScript, to search for patients who had been prescribed the medication in the past. By accessing patient medication history through the application in less than a minute, the physicians and staff found every patient that needed to be notified without combing through a single chart. Physicians notified their patients of the recall and identified an alternative prescription to issue in its place. “Having access to this data allowed us to identify those patients at risk, and contact them immediately to change their prescription to a safer alternative,” said Dr. Salvatore. “This convenient tool is evidence of the value of medical office automation in improving patient safety and improving medical practice efficiency."

One in a million chance of being quoted, too bad it wasn't the lottery.
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