Saturday, August 26, 2006

Group of 600 practitioners in Central Oregon hires eClinicalWorks for EHR

Planning to build a shared electronic medical record system across Central Oregon, a group of 600 doctors and other medical providers on Monday said they have hired a Massachusetts company to supply the clinical information system.

The privately held company, eClinicalWorks, said it serves about 5,500 medical providers across the United States.

Doctors have been envisioning digitally linked record systems since the late 1980s, and large health systems such as Kaiser Permanente and Providence Health System have spent millions making the transition. Computerized record systems have the potential to increase efficiency by making test results and other patient information readily available when needed, such as in emergencies. Such systems also may reduce errors by flashing warnings about drug interactions and prompting caregivers when a patient is due for a health test.

The Oregonian

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