Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A patient,aged 82, sent us an email request to forward a copy of her labs to a sub-specialist!

Total time to process <90 seconds,
read the email, identify the document, and fax all from within the same application!

No chart to pull,
no documents to pull from the chart
no documents to feed into the fax machine
no documents to then re-assemble within the chart
no chart to re-file

I just had to send her an email to thank her for her "bold" move.

Take home message, never underestimate who is willing to participate in this new communication paradigm.

This is pretty darn good.

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Scott Bolhack, MD said...

The elderly are often undervalued as a force for change. I wonder if a pattern will develop for the elderly in your practice.
Scott Bolhack, MD