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Medical Informatics Update Analytics and Tools for Care Coordination: IBM Research and the Columbia University Center for Advanced Information Management October 16, 2013



Medical Informatics Update
Analytics and Tools for Care Coordination
October 16, 2013

The 2013 edition of the Medical Informatics Update is a joint effort between IBM Research and the Columbia University Center for Advanced Information Management. The event will be held on October 16, 2013 in Yorktown, NY.

Care coordination is generally understood as the brokering of relevant services for patients to ensure that their needs are met such as that services are not duplicated by the providing organizations involved.

In contemporary usage, successful care coordination requires complex information systems able to manage and provide a wide range of patient related information such as medical status, medications, treatment plans, and alerts. This information needs to be efficiently conveyed to operational users of electronic medical records and other healthcare applications.

This Medical Informatics Update event on the 16th of October, 2013 will venture beyond the typical meaning of care coordination to include progress in analytic methods and other computational strategies that address broader problems in achieving care coordination in a 21st century  healthcare system.

Currently well informed speakers, from industry, academia, and government, have been invited and have agreed to share their achievements and the status of their fields to our interdisciplinary audience.

The event will feature invited talks, a poster and demonstration area, and a panel session on the topic of real-world care coordination efforts in New York State institutions.

Admission is free and lunch and refreshments will be provided by IBM, but pre-registration is required by September 15 2013. You may pre-register by sending email to Dr. Daby Sow at sowdaby@us.ibm.com. Feel free to contact Dr. Sow via email if you have any questions about this event. Alternatively, contact the Center for Advanced Information Management at 212.305.2944.

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