Wednesday, April 17, 2013

PharmEHR Summit 2013 #8

Communicating with Prescribers inside EHRs:Insights from the Interface

Barbara Senich, Marketing and Business Line Management, PDR
Vita Larkin, Principle, Vital Market Research

. Demographics
. Internal Medicine, general and subspecialists, engage with patients more, engage with Pharma reps less
. A Day in the Prescriber's Life, EHR centric
. EHRis like Outlook
. Under a severe time crunch
. Struggling with Integrated Technology
. Still wary of Electronic Communication with Patients
. Two major segments: enthusiastic acceptors and begrudging acceptors
. Patient Engagement: Technology even used in the exam room to share information
. Content must be deemed valuable and clinical valuable within the workflow from a trustworthy source

. Over 25 physician support features were evaluated
. Most valuable; full drug label and dosing information
. Leaset valuable: side effect by body system, condition image database

PDR Brief: Clicks and Motion Time Study
. using Brief reduced clicks by 65% compared to a Google search
. twice as many physicians were able to find safety and REMS information
. 70% of Prescribers welcomed BRIEF

. Research to help Prescribers Increase Patient Understanding and Engagement

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