Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Patient Portal for New Yorkers Design Challenge

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Calling all Developers and Designers:

NYeC and Health 2.0 Launch
Patient Portal for New Yorkers Design Challenge
Designs will be reviewed via public voting. Submissions due April 11, 2013.

January 15, 2013 (New York, NY) - The New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC), in partnership with leading health technology catalyst Health 2.0, invites designers and developers to participate in the Patient Portal for New Yorkers Design Challenge with $25,000 in prizes. Starting today, designers and developers can submit prototypes for a statewide Patient Portal for New Yorkers—a website for patients to access their medical records online. The top portal interface designs will be chosen and voted upon by New Yorkers after the April 11th deadline.
Developers will have 11 weeks to work on and then submit a design for the Patient Portal Challenge. To guarantee patient privacy during the design challenge, developers and designers will be given a test patient data set to build their applications. They will not have access to actual health records. Once all of the submissions are received on April 11th, the New York public will be invited to vote on their favorite designs from April 11-21. The designs with the strongest responses will be invited to present their project at two different demo days—one in New York City in April and another at a location upstate in early May. A winner will be announced shortly thereafter.
After the Challenge, NYeC will work with a vendor to build the portal and run it on behalf of the state on its health information exchange network.
“This is a chance for developers and designers to advance healthcare for all 20 million New Yorkers. A portal of this size and scope has never before existed,” said David Whitlinger, Executive Director of NYeC. “Through our Design Challenge, we hope to inspire applicants to develop truly creative and user-friendly applications. We look forward to seeing all submissions, and eventually building this portal so patients throughout the state have full access to their health records.”
The patient portal prototypes are required to include features that will allow patients to log on with a username and password to see their health records online safely and securely. Once logged in, patients will see a full layout of their health records, and also have access to a list of medical professionals, such as their family doctor, who have accessed their health records. The Patient Portal for New Yorkers will also provide an extensive overview of patient privacy rights, and address privacy concerns a patient might have about Electronic Medical Records and Health IT in general.
“Health 2.0 is excited to be partnering with NYeC on this innovative challenge to design the first statewide patient portal for New York,” said Jean-Luc Neptune, Senior Vice President of Health 2.0. “The winners will not only make a tremendous contribution to the development of a patient portal that reaches nearly 20 million people, but also gain significant exposure and recognition for their achievement through participation in the challenge.”
NYeC has proudly taken the “Blue Button Pledge,” a pledge through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that “empowers individuals to be partners in their health through health IT” and builds off of the Blue Button program’s success in improving care coordination for veterans by giving them easy access to their health data.

For more information on the Patient Portal for New Yorkers Design Challenge, and to submit a prototype by April 11th, visit health2con.com/devchallenge/new-york-state-patient-portal-challenge

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