Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Medical Economics EHR Study and Registration Link

This is great opportunity for those without EHRs to not only receive assistance in implementing an EHR but also to participate in a study that will hopefully provide meaningful information on the whole process. Sign up now! SV

Medical Economics, with input from physicians, has designed a study which will benefit the entire medical community in discovering the best practices in implementing EHR systems. Participating physician practices will be given an EHR system for 2 years. In return, each practice will provide Medical Economics with feedback about their EHR experience — the real story from the physician’s point of view. From set-up and training to implementation and day–to–day utilization, we’ll be asking for your input.

Medical Economics has received commitments from several of the top named EHR companies in the country who have agreed to participate in this EHR study. They will give participating physician practices use of their EHR system— free for 2 years including installation, training, and support. There are a limited number of slots available so the sooner you submit your application the better your chances of being selected.

Registration Link

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