Sunday, July 31, 2011

NYeC Regional Extension Center Rapidly Approaching Capacity

If you are NYS primary care physician practicing outside the five boroughs be sure to contact NYeC before their subsidized grants are exhausted. SV

In just a short period of time, the NYeC Regional Extension Center (REC) has helped 2857 primary care providers progress toward Meaningful Use—more than half the total number it is subsidized to assist through its federal grant.

As the federally designated REC for New York State, NYeC has a grant to provide subsidized services to 5107 primary care providers. As of today, there are only 2250 slots left to receive federal assistance, and providers continue to sign up at a rapid pace—as many as 200 per week.

For providers who are already live on an EHR, REC service is free if they sign up before August 31, 2011. For those practices still using paper records, the price is $750 per provider, with the remainder covered by the federal subsidy. After the remaining subsidized spots are filled, NYeC’s EHR-adoption programs and service price return to the regular price of $4000 - $5750 per provider.

The REC has done an extraordinary job so far of assisting providers, with 1500 of the roughly 2800 being live on EHRs, and over 60 individuals having attested to Meaningful Use. To put that into context: approximately 300 providers have received EHR Incentive checks from Medicaid throughout the entire country, which demonstrates the high rate of success at NYeC and in New York State.

Since federally subsidized spots are going so fast, NYeC encourages providers to contact them as soon as possible. The REC will assist any primary care provider, regardless of their progress in the transition to EHRs.

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