Thursday, August 19, 2010

North Carolina NCHEX HIE is born

The State Medical Society and others have partnered to assist in this project. SV

The North Carolina Healthcare Exchange (NCHEX) is a voluntary health information exchange (HIE) of hospitals and physician practices sponsored by the North Carolina Hospital Association (NCHA) and the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) to enable healthcare providers across North Carolina to share clinical data with each other to meet Meaningful Use exchange requirements, improve quality and reduce costs. NCHEX builds on the experience and technology of the North Carolina Hospital Surveillance System (NCHESS), created in 2004 as a public-private partnership between NCHA and the North Carolina Division of Public Health (NCDPH) to provide critical data from 114 emergency departments to enable the state to recognize and respond to acts of bioterrorism, disease outbreaks, emerging infections, and other public health emergencies. To date, North Carolina hospitals have exchanged over 115 million records regarding 19 million ED visits using the NCHESS system. NCHEX also uses the proven technology from CareEvolution, who provides HIE services in Indiana and for the South Carolina Health Information Exchange (SCHIEx) to link episodes of care across providers using an easy-to-use interface for caregivers.

CareEvolution is a leading provider of secure health interoperability solutions. HIEBus™ is an award winning health information exchange technology platform that provides links to existing laboratory, pharmacy, EMR, PMIS, and claims management systems to “share” information in a secure, reliable, and incremental manner. HIEBus™ has been used by states and municipalities to leverage existing administrative datasets (Medicaid, UB92, HCFA1500 among others) which are largely electronic to construct a core patient history for entire populations. A web based portal supports authentication, authorization, visualization, and audit of the patient history for Medicaid providers, first responders, emergency and disaster management solution, and non EMR enabled providers.

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