Saturday, June 05, 2010

Qualified Electronic Health Record (EHR) Vendors for the 2010 PQRI and Electronic Prescribing Incentive Programs

If your vendor is on the list, contact them ASAP and see if your version of the product qualifies. This seems like a slicker way to submit to CMS with "less clicks". SV

CMS is pleased to announce the EHR vendors and their programs (including specific version or release) that have been “qualified” to submit quality data to CMS by eligible professionals for 2010 PQRI reporting (see table below). Each of these EHR vendors has gone through a thorough vetting process for the product and version listed including checking their capability to provide the required PQRI data elements for 10 PQRI measures. These 10 PQRI measures may be found on the CMS website at, click on the “Alternative Reporting Mechanisms” section page. Some EHRs are also capable of reporting the electronic prescribing measure to CMS as listed in the table below. In addition to capturing the required data elements for the measure calculation, these “qualified” EHR products can also transmit the required information in the requested file format. While the listed EHR vendors and their EHR product have successfully completed the vetting process, CMS cannot guarantee that any other product or version of software from the listed vendors will be compatible for EHR based submission for PQRI.

Eligible professionals who wish to participate in 2010 PQRI using the EHR-based reporting option may contact the EHR vendor’s listed below for additional details about their software and about PQRI participation.

Allscripts, Docsite, eClinicalworks, eHealth Made EASY, LLC, Epic, MedAppz, llc and MedLink

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