Thursday, October 08, 2009


The ACP has just added the COPD Portal which joins the Diabetes Portal and Cardiology guidelines on the ACP Clinical Information site. It also includes information for patients to read. Check it out. SV

Because COPD is an often overlooked public health issue, ACP has created the COPD Portal to provide you with high quality, evidence-based clinical information and resources to help you care for your patients. This free Website provides concise answers to specific clinical and practice-management questions about COPD, and also features a patient education section to aid the patient in managing the disease and its complications. The ACP COPD Portal is updated weekly and includes searchable content from MKSAP, Annals of Internal Medicine, ACP Internist, ACP Journal Club, and ACP’s Physicians’ Information and Education Resource (PIER). The Clinician Resources area of the Portal is organized into three categories: quality, practice issues, and clinical topics. The quality and practice issues categories include information about:

Chronic Care Models
Patient Registry Tutorials
Electronic Medical Records
Patient Education
The clinical topics section includes:

Prevention and Screening
Acute Exacerbations
Smoking Cessation
Stable and End-Stage COPD

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