Thursday, June 04, 2009

CCHIT 2009-2010 Criteria Published; Timelines Changed

CCHIT final materials from the 09 development cycle and a new Concise Guide to CCHIT Criteria are now available. The new guide maps the criteria to the requirements of an ARRA-qualified EHR and highlights the 09 changes.

CCHIT is transitioning its timelines to adapt to the new requirements of ARRA as well as the still-emerging work of ONC and its committees. Instead of immediately launching 09 certification programs, CCHIT submitted the criteria to the HIT Standards Committee for review, and we anticipate some degree of feedback by August 26, 2009. CCHIT will begin accepting applications for 2009-2010 programs as soon as possible after receiving feedback and resolving any gaps.


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Ashley said...

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