Friday, May 08, 2009

Eclipsys H1N1 Swine Flu Tool Kit interview and presentation

I had the pleasure to talk to Rick Mansour, M.D. - CMIO - Eclipsys.
The tool was essentially created within 24 hours of conception.
The tool is modifiable by the end user and can be adapted for other scenarios.
In an altruistic gesture, it is available as free download from a library of "kits", may of which are "donated" by other users. SV

The solution prompts triage caregivers to assess patients for the presence of acute respiratory disease and accompanying risk factors. If positive conditions are indicated, laboratory orders for influenza screening (including H1N1 Flu-specific orders) are then triggered. Meanwhile the patient is placed on a watch list, followed by the creation of patient education and preventive treatment instructions. In addition, the toolkit allows for the export of data to the CDC.

H1N1 Toolkit Presentation

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