Wednesday, April 22, 2009

AMA and DrFirst partnership: ePrescribing

DrFirst appears to be the first of many soon to come "plug and play" offerings via the Covisint platform. Can a Google Health and/or Microsoft HealtVault PHR be far behind? SV

April 22, 2009, Rockville, MD -- DrFirst announced today that it is working with the American Medical Association to offer its ePrescribing services to physicians through a new online platform being developed by the AMA. The collaboration represents a major turning point in healthcare technology adoption. The collaboration is expected to reduce current confusion around ePrescribing while increasing the percentage of physicians using it.

“As the largest and most respected professional physician association in the United States, the AMA represents a broad base of physicians in the country, therefore this collaboration has the potential to quickly penetrate the market and significantly improve patient safety,” said Peter N. Kaufman, MD chief medical officer at DrFirst. “We strongly believe the implementation of this portal will result in the widespread adoption and diffusion of ePrescribing across the nation to the mainstream physician.”

DrFirst is the first company to announce that it is offering its services through the new AMA online platform. The platform, which is currently in beta testing, is aimed at providing physicians access to information, products, services and resources that can facilitate medical practice and ease adoption of evolving health information technologies. The AMA aims to launch its new platform in early 2010.


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