Saturday, September 22, 2007

Governor Fletcher authorizes Kentucky e-health corporation

Here's another state providing a " statewide backbone" for EHRs.

It's sort of like biology. Each community is like a single nerve. The states would act like a plexus and finally the a Federally "encouraged" set of standards would serve as the national backbone. The "organism" is slowly coming together. SV

Gov. Ernie Fletcher today authorized creation of a corporation to advance the state’s goal of creating an electronic health network, or “e-health” system in Kentucky.

Electronic Health Records - Expand e-Health funding to assist health care providers to adopt electronic medical records and ensure there is a secure, statewide network to allow those records to be appropriately exchanged.

“Every Kentuckian in the next four years should have the choice of having an electronic medical record that would be available to them and their doctors to ensure the best quality and most efficient health care,” said Governor Fletcher.

Courier Journal

Governor Kentucky

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