Saturday, July 07, 2007

Missouri CyberAccess, Electronic Health Record Program for Medicaid

Health Information Technology is increasingly being used by states to improve care and potentially find savings for their Medicaid programs. SV

An innovative Electronic Health Record (EHR) program for Medicaid recipients is available to their healthcare providers. The Web-based tool, called CyberAccess sm , allows physicians to prescribe electronically, view diagnosis data, receive alerts, select appropriate preferred medications, and electronically request drug and medical prior authorizations for their Medicaid patients.

The Division of Medical Services contracts with ACS Heritage, Inc. to provide CyberAccesssm. To become a CyberAccesssm user, contact the ACS Heritage help desk at 888-581-9797 or 573-632-9797, or send an E-mail to ACS Heritage staff will set up individual training sessions with each provider site that requests access to the Web tool.

CyberAccess sm is the first step toward a comprehensive electronic health record for Medicaid recipients. In the coming months, the Division will continue its commitment to EHR by expanding the number of providers with access to the system and by implementing a Web based plan of care for certain recipients.


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