Sunday, December 24, 2006

IPOD compatable PHR (Personal Health Record) using HealthFrame 2.1

Here's another reason to send Steve Jobs a thank you or just buy an IPOD. SV

Here are some features:

Calendar Use the calendar for a time-based view of your medical record: tests, treatments, visits or other relevant occurrences.

• Charts Graphical charts provide visual feedback on your key medical indicators: weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.

• Expense Tracking HealthFrame can record and report on expenses related to any aspect of your medical care (visits, medications, etc).

• Forms & Reports HealthFrame generates common forms based on your health records: family history, summer camp, medical history, etc.

• Journals Journals are a collection of notes (journal entries) around a particular health or wellness-related topic.
• Library Access to relevant, accredited information about your health (conditions, medications, immunizations, tests).

• Medical History This powerful, easy to read, and easy to customize report succinctly summarizes your entire medical history.

• Related Links HealthFrame™ lets you add or link to any related information you want.

• Sync with iPod With a click, transfer emergency contact information, provider and medication lists, known allergies, etc. to your iPod.


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Anonymous said...

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