Monday, November 27, 2006

HHS promotes State Alliance for e-Health initiatives

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Washington, D.C. HHS announces a new opportunity for various state-level decision makers (governors, legislators, attorney generals, etc.) to collaborate in their efforts to address challenges in state-level interoperable health information exchange (HIE). HHS anticipates that this collaboration will remove barriers to HIE and improve overall quality of health care.

The States play a critical role in the delivery of healthcare. There is a need for state-level interstate collaboration and consensus-building about the laws, policies and practices that govern potential approaches to interoperable HIE. This collaborative process will fuel creativity and partnerships and allow for the appropriate inputs of subject-matter experts. The State Alliance creates a vehicle through which states may come together to evaluate and possibly resolve:

State-level privacy and security issues
State-law practice of medicine barriers, and
State-level health information organization issues in governance, sustainable financial models, and the role of payors and integration of public health and benefit programs.


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