Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bridges to Excellence Launches Medical Home Program

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Washington – Today Bridges to Excellence (BTE), the nation’s largest effort to reward physicians for delivery of high quality care, announced its support of the medical home approach to providing health care by launching the BTE Medical Home Program. The initiative will reward physicians that demonstrate they have adopted really good systems and processes of care, and are using those systems to deliver positive results in the management of their patients – in particular patients with chronic conditions.

Taking HIT to the next level

The Medical Society of the State of New York, in an effort to enhance the knowledge of physicians concerning the importance of adopting interoperative Health Information Technology (HIT), has received continued grant funding from the New York State Department of Health to educate physicians on the means and importance of integrating electronic medical records and electronic prescribing technologies into their practices.

Participants who attend the two-hour CME presentation will be exposed to information and tools to assist their practice with the EHR planning, selection and implementation processes.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008


company (product version) date certified

Cerner Corporation
(Cerner Millennium PowerChart 2007) 1/22/2008

Computer Programs and Systems, Inc. (CPSI)
(CPSI System, 15) 11/5/2007

Eclipsys Corporation
(Sunrise Acute Care, 4.5 SP4) 11/5/2007

Epic Systems Corporation
(EpicCare Inpatient, Spring 2007) 11/5/2007

Healthcare Management Systems, Inc.
(Healthcare Management Systems, 7.0) 11/5/2007

(Advanced Clinical Systems, MAGIC 5.6) 1/22/2008

Siemens Medical Solutions USA Inc.
(Soarian Clinicals 2.0C5 with Siemens Pharmacy and Med Administration Check 24.0) 11/5/2007

Pre-market conditionally certified products*
company (product version) date certified

Prognosis Health Information Systems
(ChartAccess 1.0) 11/5/2007

Siemens Medical Solutions USA Inc.
(INVISION Clinicals Version 27.0 with Siemens Pharmacy and Med Administration Check (MAK), Version 24.0) 1/22/2008


Monday, January 21, 2008

MedPlus to Implement Clinical Portal and Information Exchange for the Brooklyn Health Information Exchange (BHIX)

MADISON, N.J., Jan. 11, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- MedPlus, the healthcare information technology subsidiary of Quest Diagnostics Incorporated (NYSE: DGX), today announced that it has been awarded a contract to implement a clinical portal and information exchange for the Brooklyn Health Information Exchange (BHIX). Organized by Maimonides Medical Center and other healthcare organizations in New York, the BHIX is a not-for-profit corporation that will offer health information exchange services in Brooklyn, New York State's most populous borough. The MedPlus system will enable physicians and other healthcare workers to securely collect, manage and share patient information in real time from Internet-enabled locations across the BHIX's eleven partner organizations.
"Technology can optimize patient care, minimize the risk of medical errors, and reduce administrative and other operating costs," said Pamela Brier, president of Maimonides Medical Center and chairperson of the board of directors of the BHIX. "Our goal for the BHIX is to provide exceptional patient care and service through the strategic deployment of technology, and we believe MedPlus is the right vendor to help us achieve this goal."


Sunday, January 20, 2008

RelayHealth expands partnerships with CIGNA and Aetna

CIGNA HealthCare to Offer National “Virtual House Calls” Program Through RelayHealth

Aetna Expands Availability of RelayHealth’s Secure Online Messaging and Consultations Nationwide, Includes Specialists

Aetna coverage for RelayHealth online visits will be available to most fully insured plan members. Self-insured plan sponsors may choose to participate.



Tuesday, January 15, 2008

CMS (Medicare) Home Health Pay for Performance demonstration

The Home Health Pay for Performance demonstration will offer incentive payments to a sample of Medicare home health agencies for maintaining high levels of quality care, or making significant improvement s in the quality of their services. HHP4P will be conducted in Illinois, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, California between Jan. 08 and Dec. 09.

An incentive pool will be generated out of savings accrued from the reduction in the use of more costly Medicare services. The pool will be shared with home health agencies that produced the highest level of patient care or produced the greatest improvement in patient care as measured by seven OASIS measures.

• Incidence of Acute Care Hospitalization
• Incidence of Any Emergent Care
• Improvement in Bathing
• Improvement in Ambulation / Locomotion
• Improvement in Transferring
• Improvement in Management of Oral Medications
• Improvement in Status of Surgical Wounds

Seventy-five percent of the incentive pool will be shared with those agencies in the top 20% of the highest level of patient care. Twenty-five percent of the incentive pool will be shared with the top 20% of those making the biggest improvements in patient care. If there are no savings, there will be no incentives.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Maine Governor John E. Baldacci Congratulates New England Telehealth Consortium on Health Care Grant

As broadband technology evolves, the ability to network rural area on a limited budget has significantly improved. SV

BANGOR - Governor John E. Baldacci congratulated the New England Telehealth Consortium today for receiving a $24.6 million Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rural health care grant. The grant is the largest award issued by the FCC under the Rural Health Care Pilot Program. The Consortium’s winning proposal calls for the connection of rural and urban nonprofit health care centers in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

ProInfoNet of Bangor developed the coalition that sought the award. The New England Telehealth Consortium consists of 31 members, representing 555 health care sites in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, including hospitals, the University of Maine, the University of New England, The Jackson Laboratory and others. The consortium will link regional health care providers with urban public practices, research institutions, academic institutions and medical specialists to provide greater efficiency in the sharing of information relevant to health care applications. Once the network is complete, the opportunity exists to connect with a similar network in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Missouri Gov. Blunt Recommends $15 Million to Enhance Health Care Technology

Gov. Blunt created the Healthcare Technology Fund in 2006, and it has been supported by the General Assembly as the preferred means to secure the latest technology for the Mo HealthNet program, as well as mental health and public health initiatives. The governor has secured $25 million to create the Healthcare Technology Fund to build a foundation for the state to enhance technology in its health care programs.

Missouri Governor

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

MSSNY Health Information Technology (HIT) CME Seminar Series 2008

Health Info Tech Seminars
Major Health Info Technology Programs for NYS

Physicians and office managers in New York State are urged to register early for the Health Information Technology programs being scheduled for the New York medical community over the coming months. Here are the coming date and locations:

* Albany Area… Saturday, January 19th at the Desmond Hotel at the Albany Airport. Click here to Register

* Lower Hudson Area… Wednesday, February 13th at the Marriott in Tarrytown. Click Here to Register

* New York City Area… Friday, April 4th at Park Central Hotel at Seventh Avenue and 56th Street Click Here to Register

* Central NY Area…… Wednesday, April 30 at the Double Tree at Carrier Circle. Click Here to Register

* Western NY Area…… Friday, May 2 at the RITConferenceCenter in Rochester. Click Here to Register

* Long Island Area… Friday, May 9th at the Huntington Hilton on Route 110. Click Here to Register

These day-long events are loaded with information to help the physician and office manager quickly analyze their electronic health record and practice management systems needs to make informed decisions on their next steps. In addition to briefings by physicians who have already made the change to electronic systems, attendees will also have the opportunity to meet information technology vendors, see system demonstrations and discuss their unique office needs.


Session II: How to Conduct the Critical Office Assessment and Workflow Review (.75 CME Category 1 Credit)

– Transition to Paperless Office and the Importance of Operational Redesign: define a ‘paperless office’; identify possible problems and solutions to complete the transformation to a paperless office; describe the benefits of a paperless office; how to develop a migration plan from paper to paperless office; describe the benefits of operational redesign; describe workflow problems and various approaches to analyzing them; present a workflow problem and diagram; and identify how the EMR will change the flow of patients in the office;

Session IV: NYS Medicaid HIT/HIE Strategy (.75 CME Category 1 Credit)

- Inform physicians of the HIT strategies and standards endorsed by the Medicaid Program and the roles of EHR and ePrescribing in relation to reimbursement reform.

Session V: How to Configure EMRs to Meet Quality Standards for Chronic Disease and Qualify for BtE and P4P Incentives (.75 CME Category 1 Credit)

– Use of Analytics and Reporting: inform physicians about the analytics and reports necessary for EMRs to enable them to comply with Disease tracking and reporting of results and measurements to agencies such as CMS and Bridges to Excellence and/or Pay for Participation Programs;

Session VII: How EMRs use Clinical Decision Support to Improve Patient Safety (.75 CME Category 1 Credit)

– Inform physicians of the importance of engaging critical components, alerts, and query report mechanisms: describes the importance of drug interaction alerts, out-of-range lab results; trending features to illustrate condition activity over time and querying of patient data base to locate and notify patients affected by drug recalls/warnings such as VIOXX, Avandia, etc.; and the significance of how participation in a community patient data exchange leads to additional improvements in patient safety and quality outcomes.


Taking HIT to the Next Level